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"I like to keep this handy... for close encounters"
Aliens Hicks'Ithaca

The Ithaca Model 37 is a 12 Gauge Pump action shotgun made in 1937. It is Corporal Hicks' secondary weapon, next to his Pulse Rifle, which he keeps for "close encounters". It carries 5 rounds of 12 Gauge ammunition and is most likely using buckshot shells. Hicks uses the "Stakeout" version with shortened barrel and pistol grip with a blued finish.

Hicks notably used it to kill a Xenomorph Warrior that attempted to board the APC by holding the door's open which Hicks says to "Eat this!" when he sticks the barrel of the gun into the Warrior's mouth at point blank and fires. However this in turn causes the splashback to hit Hudson's arm.