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Hyperdyne Systems[1] (or Hyperdine Systems) was a corporation manufacturing Synthetics that pioneered the development of Synthetic technology in the 22nd century. Their products included the 341-B model of androids (designed by Michael Weyland) and 120-A/2, one of which, named Ash, was placed aboard the USCSS Nostromo in 2122 as a sleeper agent.


  • The company's name, first mentioned in Aliens, is something of an inside joke referencing Cyberdyne Systems (aka Cyberdyne Systems Corporation), the company responsible for creating the Terminator cyborgs and the Skynet artificial intelligence system in director James Cameron's previous film, The Terminator.[2] In fact, the company's name was originally going to be "Cyberdyne Systems".[3]


  1. "Hyperdyne Systems" is the correct spelling according to to the Aliens Special Edition subtitles - Burke to Bishop during the cafeteria scene right after Ripley discovers that Bishop is an Synthetic - "Yeah. The Hyperdyne Systems 120-A-2."
  2. Aliens film commentary, Alien Quadrilogy box set
  3. - "BISHOP: I'm shocked. Was it an older model? BURKE: Cyberdyne Systems 120-A/2."