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Private First Class Hudson was a combat technician in the United States Colonial Marine Corps stationed on the USS Sulaco. Along with Ellen Ripley, Hudson and his squad fought to survive a Xenomorph infestation on LV-426, the site of Ripley’s first Xenomorph encounter.


Mission to LV-426[]

In 2179, Hudson was part of a Colonial Marine squad sent on an investigation mission to the Weyland-Yutani colony Hadley's Hope to re-establish contact with the colonists. After waking from hypersleep Hudson was told to get moving by Sergeant Apone and was sarcastically asked if he would like someone to fetch Hudson his slippers. Hudson, sarcastically responded to Apone that he would really appreciate it. Hudson would also crack jokes with Vasquez regarding her appearance or her ethnicity from time to time, and get it right back from her.

During breakfast, Hudson was trying to get Bishop to do his trick with the knife called "five finger fillet". Hudson managed to get himself volunteered by Drake to be part of the trick and didn't find it too amusing afterwards. Hudson also questioned the squad's new Lieutenant on how he can get out of this and only managed to get Apone fired up at him again.

During the drop Hudson kept making sarcastic comments on how this was an express elevator to hell and how he was a "state of the art badass." He also made an effort to get the squad mates fired up and in good spirits since he believed, along with most of the squad, that the mission was a waste of time. Hudson joked that he'd protect Ripley from any "aliens" with the state of the art weaponry of the USCM.

Arrival on Hadley's Hope[]

After the squad landed, Hudson hacked into the door of the colony's main building and opened it. During one of the sweeps, Hicks and Frost came across a signal on the Motion Tracker that turned out to be a young girl from the colony. While Dietrich, Gorman and Ripley were tending to and interviewing the young colonist who went by the name Newt; Hudson was tracking the colonists transmitters that had been surgically implanted in them. He found the signals grouped in the Atmospheric Processor grouped on one of the sub levels. The marines left for the processor to investigate the signals from the colonists. Due to a tactical error; Gorman ordered the weapons slung and ordered flame units only. Frost and Hudson vocally objected to the order and Frost was volunteered to carry the ammo.

The marines noticed a drastic change in the architecture as they descended into the hive that was in the processor. Hudson noted that even though it was hot, that the heat was more of a "dry heat". Dietrich found a live colonist and called the other marines over to help. The woman went into convulsions and a chestburster erupted from her chest. Apone then torched the body, after the creature and the body were incinerated Hudson noticed massive movement on the tracker. Hudson insisting that there was something there besides the squad and was soon proven right when the xenomorphs ambushed the squad, taking two Marines and killing three. In the ensuing chaos Hicks kept asking where Apone was to Hudson in a panic who yelled that Apone was dead and suggested they get out of there. So the surviving marines made their escape with Drake and Vasquez providing cover fire. As Hudson made it back to the APC, he and the others were waiting on Drake to catch up but witnessed his death when Vasquez tried to save him. As the APC door was being closed; one of the creatures forced open the door and was killed by Hicks' shotgun. The creature's acidic blood got on Hudson's left arm, causing slight burns and excruciating pain for Hudson.

Ambush Aftermath[]

Ripley drove the APC through the harsh landscape burning out the clutch on it and was talked out of burning out the APC more by Hicks. The survivors then discussed plans and what their options were. Ripley suggested that they evacuate the surface and nuke it to to take care of the creatures, Hudson agreed with the plan on getting out of there the sooner the better. Hicks radioed the dropship for a pick up but when it came into view, it veered out of control and crashed. Hudson helped scavenge supplies and take shelter in the command outpost.

After the drop ship crashed, Hudson began to panic. Sure of their imminent deaths his panicked comments did nothing but stress and annoy his fellow survivors. he wasn't elated about it taking seventeen days for the squad to be declared overdue, Hudson remarked that they wouldn't last seventeen hours. He was quickly put in his place by Ripley, who reminded him that Newt survived longer then that on her own. He helped out with important tasks like setting up sentry guns and going on patrols with Vasquez.

When Ripley and Newt were attacked by Facehuggers in the Med Lab, it was revealed that Carter J. Burke released the creatures to impregnate the two so he could get some of the creatures back to the company. Ripley then stated that Burke planned on sabotaging the surviving Marines' cryotubes and jettisoning the bodies to dispose of the witnesses. Hudson had no issue on taking out Burke for plotting to kill him and everyone else.

Last Stand[]

When the Xenomorphs cut the power and attacked the operations post, Hudson used the motion tracker and noticed that the creatures bypassed the defenses. Hicks then checked out in the ceiling and saw a swarm of the creatures coming at them. Hudson kept on fighting as the Xenomorphs kept coming at him. He stills puts up a fight despite this, swearing repeatedly at the oncoming Xenomorphs. At the last minute, he was pulled through a floor grating by a Xenomorph, Hicks tried to save him but was unable to and helplessly watched Hudson be taken to the sewers.

Personality & Traits[]

Hudson was an overconfident braggart, and was sure of the Marines's abilites. However, he quickly lost his cool in the colony's atmosphere processing plant, when they were attacked by the Xenomorphs. Hudson then regains his composure to help prepare for the inevitable showdown with the creatures while he and the other survivors are stranded on the moon.

Ever the comedian, Hudson seemed to have a smart mouthed answer to what's going on. At times his jokes would backfire at him when it came to Pvt. Vasquez and Sgt. Apone. Hudson also made sarcastic remarks to Lt. Gorman during the debriefing but was quickly shut up by Apone. On the drop to the colony Hudson made arrogant remarks about the Marines' superior firepower and how he'd "protect" Ripley from the aliens.

Private Hudson was one of the resident funnymen in the squad along with Pvt. Frost. He was always cracking jokes or making crude remarks whenever possible. When the squad was ambushed and after Apone was captured, Hudson began to panic. He also panicked when the dropship was destroyed by the Xenomorphs' interference. He later regained his composure to do his job thanks to Hicks and Ripley putting Hudson in his place. Hudson was defiant to the end when the Xenomorphs attacked the survivors and was killed in the encounter.


Like many in the Colonial Marines; Hudson was outfitted with the M10 Pattern Ballistic Armour and Shoulder lamp for the mission at Hadley's Hope. The armor sported a custom paint job with a skull and crossbones on the front. Hudson, being the tech of the squad was also equipped with gear to hack security doors that would obstruct the mission's objectives. Another piece of essential gear was the motion tracker which allowed Hudson to zero in on potential hostile movement. As with the standard armor outfitting; Hudson was armed with a M41A Pulse rifle personalized with his name and personal decals.


  • Hudson's terrified rant after the Dropship crashes ("Game Over man, Game Over!") has been lampooned several times over the years.
  • Hudson is one of the film characters available as a playable characters if one pre-orders Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • Winter finds Hudson's body cocooned, after escaping from the Raven, with his chest burst. Winter says "The Hell...? That's a Marine--must have been from the Sulaco", not knowing who he was.