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Henry Marlow was the captain of the salvaging ship Anesidora, he is responsible for bringing the Alien to Sevastopol Station.


Exploring LV-426[]

In 2137, the Anesidora recovered the flight recorder unit of the USCSS Nostromo in Zeta Reticuli, Marlow extrapolated the path of the flight recorder in hopes of finding the Nostromo's wreckage and turn it in to Weyland-Yutani for a reward. The path led the Anesidora's crew to the planetoid LV-426 where they also discovered a distress signal. Once they landed on LV-426, Marlow, together with his wife ,Foster, and a third crewmember set foot on Acheron and headed towards the distress signal's source and soon tracked it to a derelict spacecraft. After discovering the fossilized remains of the ship's pilot and deactivating the signal, the crew proceeded to investigate a lower area, accessible through a hole burned in the floor. As the crew descended down to the derelict's lower area, they found themselves in a huge, cavernous chamber filled with Xenomorph eggs. While exploring the chambers, Foster was impregnated by a Facehugger, Marlow and the third crewmember carried the comatose Foster back to the Anesidora and quickly retreated to space in order to find help for her. After some time, the Facehugger leventually detached itself from Foster and subsequently died, leaving her to awaken from her coma apparently unscathed. Despite this, Marlow insisted on Foster to remain in hypersleep as he remained suspicious as to what the facehugger had done to her and hoped to slow down the process. Breaking all quarantine procedures, Marlow decided to bring Foster to Sevastopol to have her treated there, using the Nostromo's flight recording as leverage to gain entry aboard the station. His efforts were futile however as the Xenomorph embryo that was incubating within Foster violently erupted from her and escaped. Marlow and his crew were detained by the Colonial Marshals for bringing a foreign creature into Sevastopol Station.


Marlow was imprisoned inside the Marshals' headquarters and continued to feel guilty over the fact that he could not save his wife and that he was somewhat responsible for her death. After the Torrens crew's arrival on Sevastopol, Amanda Ripley, who was there to retrieve the Nostromo's flight recording eventually made her way to the Marshals' headquarters and confronted Marlow regarding the flight recorder and the circumstances of the Alien's presence in Sevastopol. After Marlow told Amanda his story, he was eventually confronted by Weyland-Yutani executive, Taylor, who was interested in the location of the derelict spacecraft that he found on LV-426. Marlow agreed to cooperate in exchange for her helping him escape.


After the Sevastopol Alien was disposed of, the Working Joes began to hunt down and kill the station's remaining human inhabitants and eventually made their way to the Marshals' headquarters. While the Marshals were preoccupied fighting the Working Joes, Marlow and Taylor managed to escape and eventually got aboard the Anesidora. Amanda and Ricardo pursued them in hopes of using the Anesidora to escape the station. Marlow soon betrayed Taylor and intents on detonating the Anesidora's fusion reactor to destroy Sevastopol and ensure the Xenomorph do not come into contact with humanity. Taylor hits Marlow with a wrench while he was arguing with Amanda, and the two work together to try to prevent the reactor explosion. They are only partially successful, however, with Taylor being killed by an electrical overload and Amanda barely escaping as the ship explodes, killing Marlow as well. While the explosion did not destroy Sevastopol, it damaged the station's gravity stabilizers, causing it to begin falling into KG348's atmosphere.