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The Heliades is the world's first ever FTL-capable SEV (space exploration vehicle) that was constructed by the Weyland Corporation. It has been the proud flagship of the Weyland's Transportation division since 2034.

Heliades made its debut on January 17, 2034 when Weyland Corp first introduced it to the world. Dual FTL engines are driven by a 2.1 terrawatt RL fusion reactor. The Heliades possesses ability to provide molecularly stable transport for ship components and human crew over light-years of space gives Weyland explorers, scientists and planetary engineers access to regions never before imagined.

On July 9, 2072, the second FTL-capable SEV, USCSS Prometheus was introduced to the world prior to its mission to LV-223. Heliades pilot, Captain Corin McManna joined the Prometheus test flight crew and was impressed by the ship's performance.