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Gemma Keech was a shuttle pilot working for the Kelland Mining Company. In 2159 she was stationed on LV178, where she served to ferry miners between the mine complex and the DSMO Marion in orbit above. She was present when the miners on the planet stumbled upon a large number of Xenomorphs deep underground in the mines.

Keech was killed piloting the Delilah in an attempt to escape the planet, when one of her passengers was attacked by a Xenomorph and accidentally incinerated her with a plasma torch.


As the Xenomorphs overran the mining complex on LV178, Keech made a bid to escape the planet in the shuttle Delilah, along with sixteen other survivors. However, several of her passengers had already been impregnated with Chestbursters, and the creatures began hatching during the flight and attacking the shuttle's other occupants. To make matters worse, several Facehuggers were also on board. Keech was killed when one of these Facehuggers attacked a passenger who had armed himself with a plasma torch; as he was subdued he fired the weapon unintentionally, catching Keech with the blast and burning her alive.