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Gateway Station
General information
Classification Space Station
Location Near Earth's orbit
Chronological information
First appearance Aliens (only appearance)
Last appearance

The Gateway Station was an immense space station which orbited Earth in the late twenty-second century and functioned as a loading station for Earthbound cargo. Most commercial organizations (including both the ICC and ECA) had representatives onboard. Many crew and staff also live on the station. In addition, Colonial Marine ships were sometimes docked with the station.

In 2179, Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley was rescued after spending the last 57 years in hypersleep along with her pet cat Jonesy on board the Narcissus. She later recalled her first encounter with the Xenomorph on board the Nostromo prior to its destruction. She would spent several months aboard Gateway Station as a power loader operator before participating with the Colonial Marines in their mission to LV-426, believing that the Xenomorphs were responsible for the lost of contact with the Hadley's Hope colony.