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Rank Medic
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Gender Female
Species Human
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Kelland Mining Company
DSMO Marion crew



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First appearance Alien: Out of the Shadows (only appearance)
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Garcia was a medic aboard the deep space mining vessel DSMO Marion. She was serving on the ship above LV178 in 2159 when the miners on the planet below stumbled upon a large number of Xenomorphs deep underground in the mines. The incident eventually led to the destruction of the Marion and the loss of all but one of its crew.

Garcia was killed when the Marion crew were forced to confront several Xenomorphs on the docked shuttle Samson in order to retake the vessel for their own needs.


As the crisis aboard the shuttles Samson and Delilah became apparent, Garcia accompanied Dr. Kasyanov to the Marion's sick bay in anticipation of the arrival of casualties. Following the arrival of the Narcissus, Garcia tended to Ripley as she revived and recovered from spending so long in hypersleep.

When the survivors were forced to confront the Xenomorphs aboard the Samson, Garcia acted as a rearguard, and was killed when one of the creatures escaped onto the Marion, tearing open her chest before fleeing into the ship.