Ricco Frost
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July 27, 2179

Rank Private
Serial/ID number A17/TQ4.0.61247E5
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
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Portrayed by Ricco Ross
Ricco Frost was a Private in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. In 2179 he was a part of the platoon of marines dispatched aboard the USS Sulaco on a rescue mission to the Weyland-Yutani owned terraforming colony, "Hadley's Hope" on Acheron LV-426.


Mission to LV-426Edit

In 2179, Private Frost and his platoon was sent to investigate the loss of contact with Weyland-Yutani's colony, Hadley's Hope, located on LV-426. After awakening from hypersleep, Frost spent breakfast aboard the Sulaco's mess hall and conversed with his fellow squad mates. Frost briefly reminisced about his past "engagement" with an Arcturian, although Spunkmeyer reminded him that it was male. Frost and the rest of his platoon were present during the mission's briefing by the squad's new commanding officer, Lieutenant Gorman. During the briefing, Gorman mentioned that the loss of contact "may involve" a Xenomorph. Frost asked "a what?" regarding it, with Hicks verifying him that it was a "bug hunt". Frost then listened to Ripley tell of her encounter with a hostile creature that she and her crew encountered fifty-seven years prior, and how it killed off her crew. Prior to their deployment, Frost went to the Armory to ready and inspect the team's Pulse Rifles.

As the Marines descend down to the planetoid, Frost expressed his skepticism towards the mission, saying that he had a bad feeling about the drop, but was chewed out by his fellow squad mate, Crowe, who reminded him that he always says that. After landing, the Marines arrived at Hadley's Hope and began their sweep of the complex to investigate what happened to the colonists. Frost and the others investigated the administration portion of the colony. Frost, using the motion tracker, came across a signal which Drake and Hicks joined him in to check on it. A girl jumped out and ran for the ducts to get away. Ripley and the Marines eventually caught up with the young girl. The girl, Rebecca Jorden, revealed that she was apparently the last survivor of the colony after she told Ripley and the Marines that her family and the other colonists were all dead. Hudson managed to locate the colonists using their PDTs, tracing them to the colony's Atmosphere Processor, prompting Frost and the other Marines to set off to investigate and rescue any survivors.

Upon entering the Atmosphere Processor, the Marines discovered that the entire complex had been transformed into a Hive. As the Marines made it further into the Processor, Lieutenant Gorman ordered them to give up their Pulse Rifle ammunition to prevent gunfire from damaging the Processor's reactor, only allowing them to be armed with Flame Units. Sergeant Apone confiscated their Pulse Rifle magazines and handed it to Frost. The Marines eventually discovered the bodies of the deceased colonists cocooned on the walls, with their chests ripped open. Dietrich came across a live colonist who later died when a Chestburster ripped out of her chest. Apone took Frost's flamethrower and used it to torch the creature and the body. The dying creature's screeches woke the Hive, and the squad's motion trackers began detecting movement all around them. The Marines immediately switched to infra-red scanning but still could not see the threat. Almost immediately, Dietrich was ambushed from behind by a Xenomorph Soldier. As she was being dragged away, Dietrich panicked and blindly discharged her flamethrower, which accidentally set Frost ablaze. Completely engulfed in flames, Frost's flailing caused him to tumble over a railing within the Hive, plummeting to his death several floors below. The bag containing the confiscated Pulse Rifle magazines Frost carried too was set aflame and subsequently exploded, killing Crowe and injuring Wierzbowski in the process.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Like Hudson, Frost was one of the comedians of the squad with a warped sense of humor, making light of serious situations. One example of this was when Ripley found out about Bishop being an android and getting angry about it Frost mentioned that she must hate the cornbread too. Frost would also complain on occasion and be pessimistic at times too but managed to get ripped on by Crowe for saying "I got a bad feeling about this."


Frost was outfitted with standard Colonial Marine gear during the mission on Archeron. Frost wore the standard issue M10 Pattern Ballistic Armour with custom paint job and a Shoulder lamp attachment for illumination. Frost was also equipped with a motion tracker to pin point potential hostile movement. Frost was also proficient with the standard issue carbine the M41A Pulse Rifle, but would at times carry a M240 Incinerator Unit as a back up and a holstered VP-70 Automatic Pistol.

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