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Frank Elgyn was the captain of the freighter Betty. Unlike the rest of the crew, he did not carry any concealed weapons aboard the USM Auriga when they drop off the human cargo which Dr. Mason Wren and his cohorts intend to use to create Xenomorphs. Elgyn appears to have had a preexisting relationship with General Perez who was the commanding officer of the Auriga. It is shown that they are familiar with each other in the way they speak to each other and general body language upholds the fact that they have had encounters before and possibly done business before.


Elgyn apparently had some transactions with General Perez in the past. Elgyn gets down to business with General Perez over the latest shipment while his crew make themselves comfortable on the Auriga. He later spends quality time with Hillard, stripping her down to her underwear and massaging each other's bodies. Unknown to him; his fellow crewmember Annalee Call, was sneaking around restricted areas on the ship, only to be caught by Wren.

The doctor has the Betty's crew arrested and held, claiming them to be terrorists. Elgyn, clearly annoyed and angered with Call for her ulterior motives, said that he will straighten this out with her later. Elgyn tried negotiating his way out of the situation, but Wren was set on dealing with the entire crew since they were a threat to his plans. Several of the crew attack using concealed weapons that they carried onboard the ship, killing most of their captors and taking a guard and Dr. Wren hostage.

In the chaos, Elgyn collects many firearms his crew will be battling the marines and the experiments with to get off the ship. During the escape he notices a trail of the weapons going down a corridor. The weapons were just bait for a trap, and Elgyn fell for. He was then killed by an alien who reaches up from underneath the floor paneling, grabs him, and yanks him under, before impaling him with its inner jaw. Hillard was extremely distressed by Elgyn's death.

Personality & Traits[]

Elgyn was romantically involved with one of his crewmen, Sabra Hillard. They appear to have been deeply involved and possibly in love. A passionate scene of Elgyn massaging Sabra's feet shows this connection. Elgyn's successful career as smuggler had made him arrogant, to the point where he likes telling jokes about his crewmember's stupidity; with the exception of Hillard.