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Emergenceedit | edit source

When a squad of Colonial Marines under the command of Lieutenant Gorman and accompanied by Ripley arrived at Hadley's Hope to investigate, they were almost wiped out by Xenomorph Drones in an ambush inside the Hive, with the few survivors forced to retreat. The Queen herself remained unseen deep within the Hive, although Ripley and the other survivors later theorized as to her existence, reasoning that something had to have laid the Eggs they saw prior to the ambush.

Confrontation with Ripleyedit | edit source

During the early stages of the Hadley's Hope Xenomorph infestation, one of the first creatures to emerge from the early hosts grew into a Queen, and subsequently established a Hive within the colony's Atmosphere Processing Plant. Once she had fully matured, she began to lay her own eggs as her Drones continued to bring captive colonists to the Hive to act as hosts.