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Fifield was a geologist who apart of the crew of the USCSS Prometheus sent to search for the origins of mankind on LV-223.


Fifield was hired by the Weyland Corporation to partake in an expedition aboard the USCSS Prometheus to the distant moon LV-223. After spending two years in hypersleep, Fifield along with the other crew members were awaken. While the crew members were having breakfast, Fifield was approached by Millburn who wanted to be his friend, but he coldly rejected it. As the Prometheus nearly arrives on LV-223, Vickers, Shaw and Holloway briefed the crew on their mission to find the Engineers. Once the Prometheus lands on LV-223, the team (consisting of Shaw, Holloway, David, Ford, Jackson, Millburn and Fifield himself) explores a large artificial structure nearby. While inside the temple, the team came across a water-related terraforming system that made the air within the temple breathable. As the team made their made it deeper into the temple, Fifield activates his Spectagraphs in order to analyze and virtually map the entire temple. David activated the temple's hologram, which led them to the corpse of an Engineer. Fifield panicked and decided to flee further into the temple with Millburn. Due to a rapid windstorm, the team were forced to return to the Prometheus. Fifield and Millburn, however, were unknowingly left behind, and had no choice but to stay in the temple until the windstorm calmed down.

While inside the temple and coming across dozens of Engineer remains, Fifield fills his suit's own respirator with cannabis, which Millburn finds amusing. The two soon encounter two Hammerpedes that emerged from the black liquid and proceed to attack Millburn. Fifield used his axe to cut the Hammerpede's head off, resulting in his helmet being sprayed with acidic blood. This caused him to fall into the black liquid, which catalysed the melting of his helmet. At a later stage his camera reappears outside the Prometheus ship and the crew venture out to investigate, with a seemingly incapacitated Fifield waiting for them, his face distorted. After brutally slaughtering the ships' three mechanics, the ships' four mercenaries and two security androids proceed down to kill him. Due to the beginnings of his transformation, he was able to survive being run over and shot in the head by both a pistol and a shotgun. After murdering three of the mercenaries, Fifield was mortally wounded by one of the androids and was subdued by being crushed by a transport and then incinerated by a flamethrower.

Personality and Traits[]

Fifield has participated in many missions before being aboard the Prometheus, and has become very unstable as a result. He also appears to be very vibrant, as seen from his tattoos, his bright red mohawk, and hawaiian-type outfit. He has a typical "tough-guy" attitude as seen when he displayed hostility towards Millburn who was offering his friendship to him. He even directly and aggressively confronting an impassive Elizabeth Shaw when questioning her about investigating "giant monsters" while inside the Engineer temple.

Some fan theories exist suggesting Millburn was romantically pursuing Fifield and that they were having a sexual encounter when they were unknowingly left behind in the engineer temple, as it seems technologically implausible for them to have either 1) gotten lost or 2) not heard the team’s departure. This theory fills in the motive for Millburn’s interest in Fifield and also explains some of the later imagery involving the Hammerpedes’ submission of Millburn.