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This article is about the synthetic model. For the character in Prometheus, see David (synthetic)

David model 8

A David 8 model.

David is a synthetic model that was manufactured by Weyland Industries during the early 21st century.

In January 7, 2024 (on Eastern Orthodox Christmas), Weyland manufactured the first advanced android prototype model of its kind. He is affectionately called David, a name Sir Peter Weyland had initially reserved for his own human son. The first commercially available David series, David 6, was created in 2042 and successfully improved work-flow and efficiency around the world, being one of Weyland's most innovative products. The latest model, David 8, possesses human emotions and is almost indistinguishable from human individuals.

A few years later the Japanese start-up Yutani Corporation filed a lawsuit against Sir Peter Weyland for the patent of the android.

After years of litigation, Weyland wins the David patent lawsuit against the Yutani Corporation, in December 12, 2029, effectively protecting the investments of both Weyland Industries and its shareholders.