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The DSMO Marion, registration number HGY-64678,[1] was a deep space mining vessel owned by the Kelland Mining Company. It was so large it "would take [...] half an hour to walk from nose to tail".[2]


The DSMO Marion was in orbit above LV-178, where trimonite was mined from, when the Samson, a ship-to-surface shuttle containing Template:Xenos born from the crew, docked with the Marion. Most of the Xenomorphs were killed except for one, which was locked in a hold by Ash. The last remaining Xenomorph was eventually killed by Sneddon, who also took her own life by exploding a crate full of Thump Charger explosive bolts. The damage done from the many explosions and battles with Xenomorphs eventually caused the Marion to be critically damaged beyond repair and explode, leaving only two survivors. Ellen Ripley left the ship in the Narcissus and Chris "Hoop" Hooper left in the Samson, which was not designed for long space voyages and lacked a hypersleep chamber.



  • According to the novel, the prefix "DSMO" stands for "Deep Space Mining Orbital".[3]



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