Dietrich profile
Cynthia Dietrich
Biographical information

June, 2179

Rank Corporal
Serial/ID number A41/TQ8.0.81120E2
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Chronological and political information




Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by Cynthia Dale Scott

Cynthia Dietrich was a Corporal and field medic in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. In 2179 she was a part of the platoon of Colonial Marines dispatched aboard the USS Sulaco on a rescue mission to the Weyland-Yutani terraforming colony "Hadley's Hope" on Acheron LV-426.


Mission to LV-426Edit

Corporal Dietrich was part of a squad in 2179 that was sent to investigate the loss of contact with one of Weyland-Yutani's colonies. After being woken from hypersleep, Dietrich got up next to Drake complaining that they don't get paid enough for this and proceeded to tell him not enough to wake up next to his face. She later listened to the briefing by the squad's new C.O., Lieutenant Gorman. During the briefing, Dietrich listened to Ripley tell of her encounter with a creature that she and her crew encountered fifty-seven years earlier, and how it killed off her crew.

Investigating the ColonyEdit

After landing on LV-426, the Marines began their sweep of the complex to investigate what happened to the colonists. During one of the sweeps, several Marines found a survivor from the colony, a young girl named Rebecca Jorden. Dietrich tended to the girl to see if she was alright. During this time, Rebecca, who went by the name "Newt", was asked what happened to the colonists and she told the Marines and Ripley that they were all dead. Pvt. Hudson then located the colonists in the atmospheric processing plant. The Marines then went to the processor to investigate why the colonists were all in the processor and to rescue any survivors. After making their way down into the processor, they found the Xenomorph nest and the cocooned, deceased bodies of the colonists. Continuing into the nest, Dietrich found a colonist who was still alive.

Capture & DeathEdit

The colonist then opened her eyes, which startled Dietrich, who called out to the other Marines that she found a live one. the colonist begged Dietrich to kill her, while the Corporal tried to reassure her that she would be alright. A Chestburster then erupted from the cocooned colonist and Apone took Frost's flamethrower and torched the body and the alien. That disrupted the nest, and Hudson noticed on the motion tracker that they were surrounded, even though many Marines, including Dietrich, couldn't see them even on infrared. Then, from out of the wall, a Warrior grabbed her and Dietrich, in a panic, discharged her flamethrower. Unfortunately, Frost was in the line of fire and was incinerated along with the bag of ammunition he had collected, resulting in the death of both Crowe and Frost from the explosion. It was later noted that Dietrich wasn't killed like several Marines, but was kept alive to be impregnated with a Xenomorph. Dietrich died either from the creature fully gestating in her or from the atmospheric processor going critical.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Dietrich had a habit of insulting people when she had a chance, particularly those who liked to complain. But when it came down to business on a mission, Dietrich behaved professionally. When she found the live colonist on LV-426, she attempted to comfort the woman telling her she was going to get her out of there.


As a Marine, Dietrich was outfitted with the standard issue M3 Pattern Ballistic Armour for protection and a shoulder lamp attachment for illumination. As the squad's field medic, Dietrich also carried a field first aid kit on her. For protection, Dietrich used a M240 Incinerator Unit.


  • When the Alien reaches out to abduct Dietriech, it grabs her by the front and pulls her up. The Alien actually walks up the hive wall as if ascending a ladder backward as it pulls her up.