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General information
Host type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Distinctions Bulletproof Headcrest
Notable individuals
Chronological information
First appearance Aliens: Colonial Marines
Last appearance

The Crusher is a new Xenomorph type that was encountered by the USS Sephora Marines squad on LV-426. Its head crest is ridged and bull-like and is completely bulletproof. Due to their unique appearance, it was most likely a queen chestburster infected by nuclear radiation poisoning and became like this when molting into a queen.


Alien: Colonial Marines players will get the chance to become a Crusher by finding a specific location as the Crushers spawn point. Easiest way to find the Crushers spawn point is to find a mass of corrosion on a wall.


Crushers have the standard abilities of any adult Xenomorph, however it has a few defining features that seperate it from the rest. Its bulletproof crest that repels most weapons (as mentioned earlier), and it has a rather nasty habit of charging forward to crush anything in its path (hence its name). They also have immense strength, allowing them to bash through just about anything.


The Xenomorph variant is jet black rather than gray like a Drone or Blue-Black/Brown like a Warrior. However, it's head, claws and hind-quarters are tinged with gold. It adopts a more quadrupedal stance when walking or sprinting, and it is probably incapable of climbing on walls due to the massive head crest weighing it down. They are bulkier than other xenomorphs.


  • The above conversation suggests that the Crusher is a single individual, rather than a variation seen more than once. It's referred to a "he" and "him" as opposed to "them" and "they" and "Xenomorph" as opposed "Xenomorphs" however, a Crusher is seen (and killed) in the Stasis interrupted DLC.