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Tim Crowe was a Private in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. In 2179 he was a part of the platoon of marines dispatched aboard the USS Sulaco on a rescue mission to the Weyland-Yutani owned terraforming colony, "Hadley's Hope" on Acheron LV-426.


Mission to LV-426[]

Crowe was chosen as part of a taskforce led by the inexperienced Lt. Gorman. His squad was sent to LV-426 to investigate the loss of contact with the local colony. Crowe sat and listened during the briefing led by the commanding officers and Lt. Ellen Ripley, who described a hostile creature that she and her crew encountered fifty-seven years ago. During the drop Crowe listened to Frost say he's got a bad feeling about the drop and Crowe told him he always says that, Frost told him he'd let his folks know when he didn't come back from the mission. Crowe and the rest of his squad landed at the colony and investigated the seemingly abandoned colony.


Crowe was one of the first marines to die in the ambush in the atmospheric processor. He was thrown by the blast caused by the ignition of the bag of ammo that Pvt. Frost was tasked to carry by Apone, when he was accidentally incinerated by Cpl. Dietrich panicking and discharging her flamethrower when she was grabbed by a Xenomorph. Crowe moved to look down the chasm that Frost fell down, only to be hit by the force of the ensuing explosion and launched back by the shock-wave- only to snap his neck on impact, killing him instantly.


Crowe was outfitted with the standard issue M10 Pattern Ballistic Armour for protection and a shoulder lamp attachment to illuminate dark areas on missions.