The board question Ripley regarding the Nostromo incident.

The Company Review Board is a board consisting of high-ranking corporate personnel and corporate representatives that are responsible for reviewing incidents related to any interstellar company.

In 2179, the board interviewed Ellen Ripley, the one of the sole survivor and witness to the destruction of the starfreighter Nostromo that occured 57 years earlier who had awaken from hypersleep. Ripley tried to convince the board of the existence of the Xenomorph, but they denied that Weyland-Yutani's "special order" existed and also denied the existence of the Xenomorph, or any similar species. Ripley asked them to check out LV-426 to find out for themselves, but she learned that a terraforming colony has been living there peacefully for years. The board finally decided that she has acted "with questionable judgement" and put her on a six-month period of psychometric observation and revoke her flight license, although they do not file any criminal charges.

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