Cloned aliens
Cloned Xenomorph
General information
Host type
Height 7'0"
Weight 325 lbs.
Distinctions Fleshy neck area
Digitigrade legs
Domed head
Brown-green coloured body
Lack biomechanics
Notable individuals Auriga Alien
The Queen
Chronological information
First appearance Alien Resurrection (only appearance)
Last appearance

The Cloned Xenomorphs were a mutated strain of Xenomorph that was spawned from the Queen extracted from the eight clone of Ellen Ripley. The cloning process used to acquire Ripley 8 and, subsequently, the Xenomorphs resulted in the Queen and its drones becoming altered through the unintentional inclusion of human DNA.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

At a distance, Cloned Xenomorphs bear a strong resemblance to normal human-spawned Xenomorphs, but upon closer inspection they possess several unique differences resulting from their contaminated DNA. Most obviously, their skin has a distinct shimmering green hue not seen on their Acheron counterparts, making them more insect-like in appearance. Their necks are much fleshier than the biomechanical design seen in normal Xenomorphs, a change that may relate to their ability to roar in a fashion not seen with other Xenomorphs. Their bodies also adopt a partially quadripedal stance like that of the Runner, with digitigrade hind legs, rather than the primarily bipedal posture of other human-spawned Xenomorphs. Their tails have flat ridge of spines at the base of the blade, making them excellent swimmers. Like the Lurkers, they have smooth skulls.

The Cloned Xenomorphs are notably capable of breeding far more quickly than typical Xenomorphs, a characteristic credited by Dr. Wren to unintentional alterations incurred during the cloning process used to create them. This allows them to multiply even more rapidly, and causes them to quickly overwhelm the Auriga. In terms of physical ability, they are comparable to other human-spawned Aliens, being capable of battering down steel doors and tearing open metal grates and floors with their bare hands. They can spit acid, often aiming for a victim's face to blind and subdue them. They also possess heightened agility, with some even seen to dodge incoming weapons fire.


As a side-effect of the cloning process that created the Cloned Xenomorphs, the creatures have access to Ellen Ripley's memories through their Queen, although they do not apparently fully understand these memories. Through this connection, the Xenomorphs consider Ripley 8 to be one of their member and consequently spare her when she is captured whilst trying to escape the Auriga, delivering her unharmed to the Queen.

The Cloned Xenomorphs are shown to be aggressive and intelligent, displaying impressive problem solving skills and the ability to learn rapidly and even set traps to lure and ambush victims, as proven when a Drone used discarded weapons to lure Frank Elgyn to his death. The Cloned Xenomorphs were first able to escape their containment cells on board the Auriga by killing one of their own and using the effects of the dead creature's acidic blood to melt through the enclosure's floor and allow the others egress. Similarly, the Lead Alien was shown to learn almost immediately that disobedience would result in punishment in the form of a freezing nitrogen spray, and later used the same spray to eliminate USM personnel searching for it.


Following the events on Fiorina 161, blood samples of the deceased Ellen Ripley were collected from the planet and used as the starting point in an ambitious program to clone Ripley and, it was hoped, the embryo of the Xenomorph Queen that had been growing inside her at the time of her death. After 10 years of experimentation and 7 failures that only resulted in the creation of horrifically deformed mutants, the program apparently succeeded and the Queen embryo was harvested by United Systems Military scientists aboard the Auriga. However, the cloning process had not been a perfect success, and unbeknownst to the scientists the DNA of the Xenomorphs and Ellen Ripley had become mixed in the process, endowing both the Ripley clone and the Queen with anomalous traits and abilities, traits that were passed on by the Queen to her offspring, resulting in the Cloned Xenomorphs.

The USM begins the re-population process of the Xenomorphs by impregnating the many human hosts that were provided by Frank Elgyn and his group of mercenaries. The Xenomorphs eventually escaped from their captivity and wreaked havoc on board the Auriga and resulted in the ship to automatically set a course to Earth. Due to the effects of the human DNA, the Queen underwent a drastic transformation in her reproductive cycle, her egg sack changing into a functioning female human-like womb. As a result, it ceased laying eggs. The Queen gave birth to a new form of Human-Xenomorph hybrid called the Newborn, but it turned on its mother and slew the Queen. With the Hive left leaderless and no humans left alive on board the Auriga after the Betty escaped, the remaining Xenomorphs prepared to enter hibernation until the situation changed. However, soon afterwards, the Auriga crashed into Earth and exploded, killing all of the remaining Xenomorphs on board.