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Chris Hooper
Biographical information
Rank Chief Engineer
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Gender Male
Species Human
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Kelland Mining Company
DSMO Marion crew



Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Alien: Out of the Shadows
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Chris "Hoop" Hooper was the chief engineer aboard the deep space mining vessel DSMO Marion. He was serving on the ship above LV178 in 2159 when the miners on the planet below stumbled upon a large number of Xenomorphs deep underground in the mines. The incident eventually led to the destruction of the Marion and the loss of all but one of its crew.

Hoop was one of two people to survive the incident, along with Ellen Ripley, although he was left drifting in space facing an uncertain future.


Early life[]

From his childhood, Hoop was fascinated by extraterrestrial life, particularly that which might be hostile towards human beings. Prior to serving aboard the Marion, he had worked in the asteroid mines of Wilson's Scarps. Later, he also spent a year in the deep mines of Callisto, and while he was there a rival Chinese mining team discovered a subterranean sea teeming with previously undocumented lifeforms.

Early in his posting on the Marion, Hoop had a brief relationship with Captain Jordan, and while the relationship did not last they remained close friends afterwards.