Mutated chestburster
Mutated Chestburster
Biological information
Host name Darryl Zither
Host type Human
Status Deceased
Physical description
Class Chestburster
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens: Kidnapped (only appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by

The Chestburster was a Xenomorph larvae that was spawned from a pink egg that was mutated as the result of being infected by a class ten virus. It is incapable of maturing past its larval stage.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

The mutated Chestburster resembles an ordinary Chestburster, with the only difference of having a dark pale skin.

The Chestburster displays a voracious appetite and uses its razor sharp teeth to hunt its victims. It possesses an incredible leaping ability used to target its victim's head or throat. It excretes a pink-colored diseased slime trail, which caused people to go delirious and detonate.


The pink egg was discovered among an ordinary clutch by a group of mercenaries that were hired by Gaianet researcher Jeremy Rumford to retrieve the eggs from a ship wreckage. The mercenaries brought the eggs to Rumford, however he rejected the pink egg and advised the mercenaries to dispose of it in fear of it being infected by a deadly micro organism. Instead of listening to Rumford's warning, the mercenaries decided to sell the egg to the Penga Bar. Media sensation Darryl Zither visited the Penga Bar to order one of its exotic menus. When he decided to taste the pink egg, a facehugger suddenly hatches and impregnates him. After being dropped off to his home by his friend, he was picked up by billionaire Ivy Derringer who invited him to visit her pleasure planet, Celeste.

While on their way to Celeste using Derringer's private ship, the Chestburster violently emerges out of Zither and proceed to devour Derringer. After escaping the ship, it begins a killing spree on Celeste. After killing dozens of Celeste's residence and employees, the Chestburster eventually died and its body was discovered by Celeste's police force that was hunting it. Though the Chestburster had died, its reign of terror was not over as it was revealed that the Chestburster had been infected with a class ten virus. The pink-colored slime trail it left behind starts a viral outbreak that causes people to go delirious and detonate, causing Celeste to be sterilized via nuclear missiles.

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