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Charles "Charlie" Holloway was an archaeologist who was assigned to assist the USCSS Prometheus expedition in discovering the home world of the Engineers on LV-223. He has a romantic relationship with Elizabeth Shaw.



In 2089 during his expedition in the Isle of Skye, Holloway and Shaw discover a star map among several unconnected ancient cultures. They interpret this as an invitation from humanity’s forerunners, or "Engineers". Shaw then contacted Peter Weyland, the extreme elderly CEO of Weyland Corporation for a proposal in order to gain enough funding for an expedition to follow the star map. Weyland agrees with the proposal and funds the creation of the scientific vessel Prometheus to follow the map to the distant moon LV-223.


In 2093, the USCSS Prometheus arrives near the moon LV-223. David, wakes up the crew. As the ship nearly arrives at the planet, Vickers, the mission director briefs the crew. When the ship arrives at LV-223, a team comprising Holloway, Shaw, David, Fifield, Milburn, and Jackson explore a temple near the ship. Inside, they find a decapitated Engineer, a room filled with urns, and a giant stone head. Janek, the ship's captain tells the crew a storm is coming and as the team prepares to leave Fifield and Milburn become lost in the maze-like structure.

Meanwhile in the ship, David and Holloway have a private conversation during which David secretly contaminates Holloway's drink with a drop of the Black Liquid from an urn he removed from the Engineers' facility. Meanwhile, he and Shaw have intercourse.


The next day, the same team goes to the temple to look for Fifield and Milburn. The Black Liquid infection takes hold of Holloway and the team heads back to the ship with the intention of healing him. Upon their return Vickers refuses to let him onboard as she fears his foreign sickness will infect the entire crew. Shaw begs Vickers to help him, but Vickers decides to leave the command bridge and take control of the situation. As Vickers exits the ship she wields and flamethrower and argues with Shaw that he is a danger to the crew and threatens to burn him alive. Holloway, seemingly arriving to the same conclusion, says goodbye to Shaw and walks slowly towards Vickers. As Vickers warns him she will set him ablaze to save her crew, Holloway pleads with her to burn him alive. She reluctantly does so, saving the crew for the time being.