S.E. Brettalien
Biographical information


Rank Engineer
Serial/ID number ID# 724/R4-06J
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Chronological and political information




Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Alien
Last appearance Aliens (picture only)
Portrayed by Harry Dean Stanton

Brett was the engineering technician who served aboard the commercial towing vessel Nostromo and a good friend of his engineering chief, Parker.


While returning from a job in the Solomons, the ship passed through the Zeta II Reticuli system when the Nostromo's onboard computer, "mother", awakened them from cryosleep prematurely. During breakfast, Brett and Parker complained about the "bonus situation", stating that they were unsatisfied with the share percentage they were receiving for their work. When the ship's captain, Dallas, ordered the crew to respond to a distress beacon, Brett and Parker angled for full shares. They reminded Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, that rescue work was outside their job description.

The Nostromo crew responded to the beacon and took a drop ship to a planetoid, which later came to be known as Acheron. The weather conditions on the planetoid's surface were extremely violent and the ship suffered extensive damage while trying to land. Brett and Parker noted that it would take anywhere between seventeen to twenty-five hours to affect repairs.

While Brett worked on repairing the damaged drop-ship, three of the other crew members explored the planet's surface and first officer Commander Kane was injured by an alien embryo, which had attached itself to his face. Despite quarantine procedures, both Kane and the embryo were brought on board. A small alien creature subsequently burst out of Kane's chest and disappeared into the ship. It quickly grew into a seven-foot, adult-sized Xenomorph and began hiding in the air ducts of the ship. The rest of the crew had yet to realize how large it had grown.

Dallas charged Ripley, Parker and Brett with the task of hunting the creature down. While Parker brought along a net, Brett carried a cattle-prod with him. Ripley used a tracking scanner designed by their science officer Ash to get a lock on the alien's location. While exploring the cargo bay, the scanner locked in on a signal, but it only turned out to be Ripley's cat, Jonesy. The cat ran off and Parker and Ripley sent Brett out to recover it. They needed to catch the cat or else it would just continue to send out false signals. Brett found Jonesy in the maintenance bay, but unfortunately for him, he also found something else. The Xenomorph descended from the upper workings of the bay and speared Brett with its secondary jaw. It then wrapped its tail around him and dragged him up into the cooling ducts.

Employee DossierEdit


NAME: BRETT Samuel Elias

POSITION: Engineering Technician


U.S.C.S. NOSTROMO, class M towing vehicle, Reg. No. 180924609
Crew of 7 (cryosleep mode)
Cargo: refinery, processing 20,000,000 tons of mineral ore.
Departure: LNB-14(transit via the Solomons CT) 2/17/34 ERT
Arrival: SECURITY CLASSIFIED/cf. Document 81 under File BG97-G

Previous transits:

Departure: Delos 5/8/26 E.R.T.
Arrival: LNB-14 12/28/33 E.R.T.

Departure: Eta Draconis BN-4 4/6/20 E.R.T.
Arrival: Delos (NB) 3/29/23

Departure: Gateway Station 6/23/19 E.R.T.
Arrival: Eta Draconis BN-4 2/28/20 E.R.T.

Departure: Caput Trianguli 3/6/18 E.R.T.
Arrival: Gateway Station 2/22/19 E.R.T.

Departure: Gateway Station 1/6/17 E.R.T.
Arrival: Caput Trianguli 2/2/18 E.R.T.

Departure: Titan Drydock 14 6/25/16 E.R.T.
Arrival: Gateway Station 12/12/16
(U.S.C.S. Terminator)
Departure: Beta Lyrae 7 3/1/13 E.R.T.
Arrival: Titan Drydock 14 5/30/16


Engineering Tech, grad 3/U.S.C.S. HURD, class A tug, Reg. No. TSU-53988238982389237, crew of 6 (up mode), 18 transits (FTL mtd 49.6 logged miles) American Gothic Company


Company Code: NOC-G2/WBN-409665209645373-212
Soc. Sec. No.: 983-930-92-4323
Date of Birth: 9/2/91
Gender: Male (natural)
Hair: Brn Eyes: Brn Height: 5-11 Weight: 151


ICC Engineering Trade School (Earth Campus) (graduated with Tech 3 Degree) 8/07-6/11
Nicholson Public High School (Hawks, West Virginia) (did not graduate) 8/05-3-07
Samuel Bronston Parochial School (Lula, West Virginia) (graduated) 8/98-6/05


Subject entered employment with an I.Q. count of 4.1 and GMA personality matrix count of 5.3. Near discontinuity of employment, I.Q. dropped to 4.0, while GMA rose to 5.6. Indicates subject began acclimating to company duties and social environment. Performance quotients remained just within expected ratings based on subject’s bio-environmental influences. Subject exhibited passive response to violent childhood memories when given the Steiner/Korngold GMF Analysis, which indicates reversal and sublimation of hostility. In subject’s case, condition requires no external treatment strategies because self-adjustment had been obtained during company training procedures and due to friendship formed between subject and another company employee (Parker, NOC-G1/409665209053-779). Passivity behavior can be a positive factor on extended up mode transits. Subject’s performance ratings remained static throughout company assignment. SPECIAL NOTE: Subject was remanded to company employment from U.S. Federal Rehabilitation Program for Displaced Youth, or FREPDISY/subject committed a level 8 felony when 17 (cf. File JJ-Psych 998338383-GH) and after immediate bio-social reform systems proved successful, was transported to ICC Trade School, (Mars Campus) and passed all courses with moderate achievement ratings. Due to ICC bylaws in this circumstance, subject can not be promoted until full review and evaluation has been completed by a combination of FREPDISY and ICC agencies. Employment was interrupted on 2/17/34. cf. Document 81 under File BG97-G





Brett turning into an egg in a cut scene, in Ridley Scott's director's cut of the film.

  • In a deleted scene, while escaping from the Nostromo Ripley stumbles upon the creature's lair, where she finds Brett and Dallas alive but cocooned in the walls and slowly metamorphosing into alien eggs. At Dallas' urging, Ripley hesitantly incinerates both him and Brett with a flamethrower.