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Edward Boggs was an inmate assigned to accompany Rains and Golic on a routine foraging mission through the tunnels of the prison complex on Fiorina 161.


Boggs and Rains are both very vocal about not minding the dark tunnels, but they do firmly state that they feel uncomfortable around Golic, stating that he is crazy and smells bad. Dillon is the one to remind them that he is now one of the brothers as well. Boggs and Rains have no choice but to go with Golic. As the three are measuring the size of a large compartment, the candles they have lit to see in the dark start blowing out. A perplexed Rains goes back to light them again, but he doesn't come back.

Boggs and Golic venture out to see what is happening after hearing his screams, though they arrive too late. The two of them find the bloody body and Boggs is subsequently lifted to the ceiling and bitten in the cranium by the Runner. His blood sprays all over Golic's face, who screams in terror and runs down the hallways. It was wrongly assumed by Superintendent Harold Andrews that Golic murdered Boggs and Rains.