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Bionational Corporation
General information
Leader(s) "Red"
Notable members Ted Ostrow
Purpose Weapon research and development
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes information
First appearance Aliens (Series 1)
Last appearance

Bionational Corporation was a large company that rivaled the Terran Government. Like fellow company Weyland-Yutani, Bionational wanted to get it's hands on a Xenomorph specimen and capitalize off using the creature as a bio weapon.


Bionational managed to acquire a Xenomorph specimen when one of its employees, James Likowski, was impregnated by one of the creatures. They kept Jim at their Huston Labs to study the effects on the host, and after the Xenomorph left its host it attacked the Project Leader with the assistant shooting and killing the scientist. The Xenomorph stayed in the dead scientist's body and eventually molted into a Queen; after which the company moved her to their Lima Facility. The facility was later attacked by a group of cultists lead by a man named Salvaje, who was a former employee for Bionational. Several impregnated cultist managed to escape the base's self-destruct, starting the Xenomorph infestation of Earth.

Bionational found out about an expedition set up by a Government Agent named Orona. The company didn't want the government to interfere in the private sector of weapons manufacturing and set out to sabotage the mission. Two of the company's executives sent out one of their "Executive Assistants of Security", Massey, to deal with the mission. The company also managed to get USCM Colonel H.S. Stephens on their payroll and to assist Massey in sabotaging the mission. Ultimately, Massey killed Stephens and sent most of the Marines and crew to the surface as food for the Xenomorphs before he himself was killed by a stowaway. The surviving Marines and crew ultimately failed in their mission.