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The Betty was an unregistered freighter captained by Frank Elgyn.


At the request of USM General Martin Perez, Captain Elgyn and his crew of mercenaries intercepted a transport and smuggle all of the transport's cryo chambers containing the passengers.

Elgyn and his crew delivered the passengers to the USM Auriga with no idea what the USM was intending to do with them. As the crew stayed in the Auriga, the crew's new recruit Annalee Call was revealed to be on a secret mission to kill the Ellen Ripley clone that carried a Queen embryo. However, she was already too late as the Queen had already been extracted and the USM is currently breeding a number of Xenomorphs. Having failed her mission, Call returned to the crew, but her secret agenda was discovered by Dr. Mason Wren. Wren accused the crew of collaborating with Call and ordered them to be executed. Having no other choice, the Betty crew members killed their attackers and held Dr. Wren hostage.

After the Xenomorphs had escaped from their captivity and killed Elgyn, the surviving Betty crew members allied themselves with Ripley 8 and fought their way through the Xenomorphs. The crew suffered some casualties, but manage to reach the Betty and escaped just in time before the Auriga crashed into Earth's atmosphere.

The Newborn followed Ripley 8 onboard the Betty, closing the jammed door and saving the spacecraft from the vacuum of space. As the Newborn approaches Ripley, she uses one of the being's sharp canine teeth to cut her hand. Splashing the acidic blood onto the plexiglas viewing port of the Betty's cargo bay, she succeeded in her attempt to breach the window and cause the air to be sucked out along with the Newborn which caught against the glass as it tries to return to Ripley. Subsequently is sucked out into space piece by piece, unable to properly free itself from the suction.

Layout and Modifications[]

From the ship's age and design it is very dated, possibly over 200 years. It constantly requires repair and maintenance.

It has rear thrusters and is fitted with magnetic docking clamps. There are aspects of the ship that share a likeness to mid 20th century cargo vessels like the rear cargo door, the cockpit design and the artwork on the ship's side.

Behind the Scenes[]

Betty model

filming the model