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Axel was a resident of Sevastopol Station. When a lone Xenomorph was unleashed on the station by the crew of the Anesidora in 2137, he became one of the survivors desperately waiting for rescue. He was encountered by Amanda Ripley when she arrived on Sevastopol to recover the USCSS Nostromo's flight recorder, which had also been brought there by the Anesidora.

Axel was killed by the Alien when it ambushed him in a transit station, impaling him with its tail and dragging him into a ventilation shaft.


As the Alien on Sevastopol began slaughtering its inhabitants, Axel took to hiding on the station's lower engineering decks, hoarding supplies and waiting for rescue. Axel later encountered Amanda Ripley shortly after her arrival on Sevastopol and held her at gunpoint. Although he was initially hostile to Amanda, she guaranteed a spot for him on the Torrens, the ship she came to the station on, in exchange for his help in contacting the ship. Axel agreed with Amanda's terms and helped her through a hostile group of survivors. After Axel killed a member of the survivors, he and Amanda were forced to run from the the other group members. Though the two managed to evade the survivors, Axel was killed by the Alien when the Xenomorph, hiding in a vent, impaled him with its tail and dragged him into the vent.


Ever since the Alien began to terrorize the Station and the chaos among the Sevastopol's inhabitants, Axel became a paranoid individual, fearing that he would fall prey to the Alien and not trusting anyone. His paranoia was evident when Amanda first encountered him as he was unstable, jittery and an aggressive individual. However, after Ripley gained his trust, he became less paranoid and began responding to much of Ripley's comments with a quirky remark or sarcasm. He later seemed to care for Ripley as after she saved him from death, he tells her that survival is vital and that what she did was for a good cause.