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Anne Jorden is Newt and Tim's mother who served as one of the "Wildcatters" on LV-426.


Operating Manager Simpson sends Anne and her husband Russ beyond the colony to search for a derelict ship on vague orders of Carter J. Burke back on Earth.

After discovering the derelict, Anne accompanied Russ inside the spacecraft and presumed to have discovered the ancient Alien egg nest inside the ship. She later drags her husband's body (who was implanted by a Facehugger) back to the family's tractor to radio for help from the colony. She witnessed her husband's horrible death when she returned with her family to the colony.

Several weeks later, the creatures that spawned from several colonists assaulted the colony. Anne, in a attempt to protect her kids pulled a firearm on the creatures and drew attention to herself. She was subdued and killed with a headbite.