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Annalee Call
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Annalee Call (better known as simply Call) was a secret Auton agent aboard the Betty given orders to kill Ripley 8 before the young Queen gestating inside of her could be removed. She was too late and nearly caused the entire crew of the Betty to be killed when General Perez, the commanding officer of the Auriga, accused the crew of the Betty of being terrorists and threatened execution. She, along with Ripley 8, Johner, and Vriess are the only survivors of the Auriga incident.


Call, along with the Betty's crew, docked with the Auriga to unload human cargo. She went to search for Ripley 8 but was captured by the United Systems Military along with the rest of the crew, although they easily overtook their captors. After the xenomorphs bred from the Queen got loose she showed extreme disdain towards Ripley and was disgusted when she had to accompany her and the other survivors, fearing Ripley's sympathy for the aliens and the possibility that she would turn on them. She later came to respect her and the two of them, along with Vriess and Johner, nearly escaped collision course set to kill the aliens by crashing the Auriga into Earth.

After the Auriga crashed on Earth, Call found herself stranded outside the city limits of what appeared to be Paris, France after some kind of catastrophe that left the city in ruins.