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"I like to CUT to the chase."
—Angel Sinise[src]

Angel "Cuchillos" Sinise is a PFC in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was a part of the platoon of Colonial Marines dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco 18 weeks after its deployment to LV-426.

In-game Bio[]

NAME: Angel "Cuchillos" Sinise

RANK: Private First Class (E-2)

SEX: Male

AGE: 27



Born and raised in the dangerous neighborhoods of East Angellos, Angel Sinise learned about urban warfare early on. His mixed heritage was a contention that left him with few friends growing up. As such, he developed an extremely close bond with his older brother, Miguel. One day while returning home from the park, Angel and Miguel ran into members of the 13th Street Mob, a local street gang. They demanded money and when the brothers could not produce any, they brandished a knife. Miguel stood up to their attackers, trying to help his brother. He was viciously attacked by the gang. Angel tried to help his brother but it was too late. He swore that day that he would avenge his brother's death. He joined the rival gang of the 13th Street Mob, assuming the name "Cuchillos" and becoming an expert with bladed weapons. Over the next few years he tracked down and eliminated his brother's killers. However, his vile deeds caught up with him and he was arrested. Being young and a first time offender, the judge offered him the choice of joining the military or going to prison. Sinise chose the USCM. Being a U.S. Colonial Marine gave him a sense of pride and purpose he had never known. He finally found the acceptance he was looking for in his new "family".