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"Is that all you've got?"
—Amber Fischer[src]

Amber "Buster" Fischer is a PFC in the United States Colonial Marine Corps. She was a part of the platoon of Colonial Marines dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco 18 weeks after its deployment to LV-426.

In-game Bio[]

NAME: Amber "Buster" Fischer

RANK: Private First Class (E-2)

SEX: Female

AGE: 24



Amber Fischer was the youngest of four children. Her three older brothers were insanely protective of their little sister. She felt smothered. As hard as she tried to be an independent young lady, they would try three times as hard to shield her from the world. Finally after they threatened and scared off her prom date, Amber decided enough was enough. The next day she paid a visit to her local USCM Recruiter and signed right up. She didn't tell her brothers until the day the bus came to take her off to the MCRD. Her induction into the Corps wasn't an easy one... She was constantly harassed for her looks, small size and pampered upbringing by her Drill Instructors. She never let it break her... And that impressed them!