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Aliens Interactive

Aliens Interactive, also known as Aliens Interactive CDI, was a working prototype for an unreleased interactive comic book game produced by Dark Vision Interactive and Dark Horse Comics for the Philips CD-i from 1991 to 1993. Artists Dave Dorman and Mike Richardson also worked on the game.

The game would have likely been similar to the Japanese game Golgo 13. Art from the game seems to indicate that it took inspiration from Aliens, featuring the Colonial Marines and Warrior Aliens, as well as Alien, featuring similar environments. A poster for the game indicates that there were plans to start something of a series following the game with other titles, including Predator.

"Erronous", a member of the blog "Interactive Dreams", discovered the game in a resume of someone who worked on the project, and, on August 1, 2007, an article titled "Aliens Interactive - an unreleased comicbook on CD-i" was posted in the blog detailing the game.