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Aliens: Stalker is a one-shot comic book published by Dark Horse Comics in June 1998 as part of the Aliens comics line. The story was written and illustrated by comics creator David Wenzel, lettered by Tracy Munsey and edited by Philip Amara. It features a painted cover by Wenzel.

Stalker was eventually collected alongside other Aliens comics in Aliens: Omnibus, Volume 6 in December 2008. The story pits Aliens vs. Vikings on Earth during medieval times.

In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Stalker was published concurrently with Aliens: Glass Corridor (June 1998) and was followed by Aliens: Wraith (July 1998).


Official description:

In a time of myth, when Vikings ruled the land, when their berserker rage went unmatched by anyone who opposed them. In this fierce and merciless time, the legendary warrior Rainulf the Wraith-Stalker is summoned by the granddaughter of a dead king to best a deadly enemy. But this enemy is unlike anything Rainulf has ever faced. In the dense, cold mists of this ancient land hides an invincible creature born of the Underworld -- with iron skin, dagger teeth, and blood that burns stone -- known in the far-flung future as an Alien.

Behind the Scenes[]

Aliens: Stalker, with its "Aliens vs. Vikings" storyline, is something of a rarity in the Aliens comics line, in that it is one of the few Aliens stories to be set in humanity's historic past rather than the future.

The only other Aliens comic to be set in the past was 1997's Aliens: Earth Angel, set in the 1950s.