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Aliens: Purge is a one-shot comic book published by Dark Horse Comics in August 1997. The story was written by Ian Edginton, drawn by Phil Hester and inked by Ande Parks. Lettering was by Gary Fields, coloring by Chris Chalenor and the issue was edited by Philip Amara & David Land. It featured a painted cover by artist Den Beauvais.

Purge was eventually collected alongside other Aliens comics in Aliens: Omnibus, Volume 6 in December 2008. In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Purge was preceded by Aliens: Havoc (June-July 1997), and followed by Aliens: Alchemy (September-December 1997).


Official description:

Sybaris 503 is on the verge of a major breakthrough. They've discovered that hosts infected with leprosy have a longer-than-normal gestation period for Alien chestbursters. Before they can understand why, their funding runs out, and the "corporate financial liquidators" are sent in to seize all assets. Including the human hosts. But they'll have to go through Eloise to get them.

Behind the Scenes[]

UK-based comics writer Ian Edginton worked on numerous Aliens, Predator, and AVP projects for Dark Horse over the years, starting with the story Aliens: Rogue.

Artist Phil Hester has worked on numerous comics during his career include his creator-owned indie series The Coffin and a well-known stint as artist on DC Comics' popular Green Arrow series with film director/writer Kevin Smith.