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Aliens: Incubation
Story by Ron Marz
Art by Bernie Wrightson
Pencil by
Ink by
Color by
Lettering by
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Date of publication September-October 1995
Last comic Aliens: Mondo Pest
Next comic Aliens: Mondo Heat

Aliens: Incubation is a two-part comic book story published by Dark Horse Comics in Dark Horse Presents #101-102 from September-October 1995. The story was written by Ron Marz with artwork by acclaimed horror comics artist Bernie Wrightson. The issues featured covers by Wrightson and were edited by Bob Schreck.

Aliens: Incubation was eventually collected alongside other Aliens comics in Aliens Omnibus: Volume 5 in October 2008.

In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Incubation was preceded by Aliens: Berserker (January-April 1995) and Aliens: Mondo Pest (April 1995). It was followed by Aliens: Mondo Heat (February 1996).


Editor Bob Schreck continues to mix it up in Dark Horse Presents, the greatest anthology on the market! Where else could you find one of the most talented macabre artists of the century drawing one of the coolest monsters of film and comics? Bernie Wrightson teams up with red-hot Spiderman author Ron Marz for a two-part Aliens story! This is the finest pen-and-ink work you're likely to see this year, and the creepiest interpretation of the big bugs in a long time.

In this conclusion to the "Aliens" story, the extraterrestrial scientists from last issue become fodder for the big bug, and their ship crashes into an earth jungle. Notables Bernie Wrightson and Ron Marz turn in a fast-moving, suspenseful, and beautifully rendered tale of everyone's favorite exoskeletal carnivores.

Behind the Scenes[]

Incubation writer Ron Marz also wrote the cross-over miniseries Green Lantern versus Aliens and the short Predator story Predator: Demon's Gold, which also appeared in the pages of Dark Horse Presents. He is most well known in mainstream comics for his work as writer on DC Comics Green Lantern series and in particular the story Emerald Twilight dealing with the downfall of perennial Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the 1990s.

Issue artist Bernie Wrightson became popular for his successful and groundbreaking horror-style illustration on DC's Swamp Thing which would eventually help to establish DC's adult-oriented offshoot imprint Vertigo Comics in the 1980s.