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All collectible items included in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Dog tags[]

Owner Found in Location
Cpl. Dwayne Hicks Mission 1: Distress After cutting down Keyes, he will open 2 doors for you. After he opens the second door, you will enter a room where you must fight a group of Xenos. The dog tag is in this room. As you walk into the room, follow the wall to the right. You will see a door that's broken, but you cannot walk passed. Keep following the wall toward the back of this room. You will see 2 crates. The dog tag is on the crate on the left.
Pfc. M. Moore Mission 1: Distress Before you enter the gravity well for the second time, it will be on a table to the left of the doorway.
Pfc. S. Trubeskay Mission 1: Distress Make your way past the cargo bay and enter the control room. Inside the control room, turn right, and go around those consoles in the center. The dog tag will be on a large crate next to a tool box.
Cpl. Cynthia Dietrich Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco After opening the door using the powerloader, move forward a little. You will see 2 cryo chambers on the lying to your left. One should be open, and the other is closed. The dog tag is on top of the closed one.
Sgt. Z. Forcher Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco Meet with Bella and then you have to cut open a door. Enter the small room that then leads into a larger storage room. Inside the storage room, turn right and continue toward a small flight of stairs. Right before the stairs, you should see a corridor to the right with a streak of blood as if somebody was dragged. Follow the streak of blood toward the end of the corridor. You will see the dog tag on top of a green crate next to an armor pick up.
Pfc. J. Ziglar Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco As you make your way through the level, you will enter a room where there will be 4 green giant tanks that have "Tank 01" written on them in letters. This room will be heavily guarded by Weyland-Yutani soliders. Make your way up the stairs and you will enter a console room. Inside this room, go up another short flight of stairs and there should be a white console to your right. This console is right next to an exit that leads into a catwalk. The dog tag is on the console.
Pfc. Ricco Frost Mission 3: Sulaco Falls From the start of the level, make your way through the deteriorating corridors, up a flight of stairs and into a room where Bella will unlock a door. Fight your way through these chambers, and go passed a locker room. Unlock the door and you will fight a few more Wey-Yu soldiers. You will see a yellow flammable canister on top of a white crate. The dog tag is on this crate. Go around to obtain it.
Pfc. E. Greenlief Mission 3: Sulaco Falls Right after the room with the 2 giant spheres, you will enter a broken stairway that's falling apart as you enter. Carefully make your way down the broken platforms to the lower level, making sure you don't drop instantly to the bottom level. The dog tag will be on a ledge with an armor pick up.
Cpl. T. Ashley Mission 3: Sulaco Falls Once the elevator stops (the one you used to reach the cargo hangar), facing the elevator control, there will be a large crate to your right. The final dog tag is right behind this crate.

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