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Aliens: Border Lines (aka Aliens: Borderlines) was a short comic book story published by Dark Horse Comics in the anthology series Dark Horse Presents #121 in May 1997. The story was written by Darko Macan with art by Tommy Lee Edwards. It was edited by Bob Schreck and Jamie S. Rich.

Border Lines was eventually collected alongside other Aliens comics in Aliens Omnibus: Volume 6 in December 2008. In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Border Lines was preceded by Aliens: Pig (March 1997) and followed by Aliens: Special (June 1997).


Writer Darko Macan (Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron, Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths) and artist Tommy Lee Edwards (Helix's Gemini Blood, Batman Chronicles) craft an eerie short story of Aliens, where the only things that are clearly black-and-white are the ink and the paper.


Official description of original story:

In "Aliens: Borderlines," a soldier on a far outpost learns what it's like to live in the sort of fear armies inspire. He's come face to face with an Alien, and he's not sure how literal a face-to-face meeting it was.

Behind the Scenes[]

Writer Darko Maccan also wrote the short Aliens: 45 Seconds for the immediately following Aliens: Special.