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This list is for anyone who wants to know the order of each piece of media of the Alien Universe Timeline.

The different Predator and Alien Versus Predator (AVP) media are not canon within the Alien/Aliens timeline as they are part of their own canon each.

Please note the statements of 20th Century Fox consultant Andrew E.C. Gaska on his website.

This list is the best so far for continuity.

Alien Universe Media Timeline[]

Cover/Poster Media Title Media Type Release Year Alien Universe Year
The peter weyland files ted conference 2023 s-302842544-mmed
The Peter Weyland Files: TED Conference, 2023 Short film 2012 2023
The Peter Weyland Files: Happy Birthday, David Short film 2012 2079
The Peter Weyland Files: Quiet Eye, Elizabeth Shaw Short film 2012 2089
The Peter Weyland Files: 'Prometheus' Transmission Short film 2012 2091
Alien 0 1
Prometheus Movie 2012 2093
Alien: Covenant - Prologue: The Crossing Short film 2017 2094
Alien covenant origins
Alien: Covenant - Origins Novel 2017 2103
Alien: Covenant - Phobos Short film 2017 2103
Alien Covenant Prologue Last Supper
Alien: Covenant - Prologue: Last Supper Short film 2017 2104
Alien 0 2
Alien: Covenant Movie 2017 2104
Alien covenant advent s-543302591-large
Alien: Covenant - Advent Short film 2017 2104
Alien: Covenant - Meet Walter Short film 2017 [Data error:Unknown date]
David's Lab - Last Signs of Life Short film 2019 [Data error:Unknown date]
Alien 1
Alien Movie 1979 2122
Alien alone
Alien: Alone Short film 2019 [Data error:Unknown date]
Alien: Containment Short film 2019 [Data error:Unknown date]
Alien: Harvest Short film 2019 [Data error:Unknown date]
Alien: Night Shift Short film 2019 [This takes place in 2179. The extended version, showing follow-up events, is dated in the interview as "2/15/2179". See Alien: Night Shift (Extended Version) for details.]
Alien: Ore Short film 2019 [Data error:Unknown date]
Alien: Specimen Short film 2019 [Data error:Unknown date]
Alien Isolation comic cover
Alien: Isolation Comic 2014 2137
Alien: Isolation Video game
Web Series
2014 2137
Aliens: Defiance Comic 2017 2138
Alien: Prototype Novel 2019 [Data error:Unknown date]
Aliens: Resistance Comic 2019 2140
Aliens: Rescue Comic 2019 [Data error:Unknown date]
Alien: Out of the Shadows Novel 2014 2159
Alien: River of Pain Novel 2014 2179
Alien 2
Aliens Movie 1986 2179
Alien: The Cold Forge Novel 2018 2179
Alien 3
Alien³ Movie 1992 2179
Alien Vol
Alien Vol. 1: Bloodlines Comic 2021 2200
Aliens- Fireteam Elite

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Cover Art

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Video Game 2021 2202
Aliens: Dead Orbit Comic 2017 2295
Alien 4
Alien Resurrection Movie 1997 2381
Alien: Sea of Sorrows Novel 2014 2497

Alien Universe Events Timeline[]

Billions of years ago - one Engineer sacrifices himself to seed Earth with the building blocks of life.

34 BCE -The Engineers make Jesus (implied) and return him to earth.

1st century AD - Engineers prepare a death ship to destroy their wayward children, humanity.

1990 AD - Sir Peter Weyland is born.

2008 AD - European Space Marine Corps established.

2012 AD - Weyland Corp is founded by Peter Weyland.

2023 AD - Peter Weyland gives a TED TALK.

2024 AD - Yutani Corp sues Weyland over patent of the android model “David.”

2026 AD - Weyland acquires Genentech and privatizes NASA’s Kepler mission, within the year discovering 4,326 bio-compatible planets.

2029 AD - Weyland wins David patent lawsuit against Yutani Corp.

2034 AD - The advent of Faster Than Light Travel.

2064 AD - Elizabeth Shaw’s memory of her father.

2065 AD - Sir Peter Weyland Memorial Library is built in Washington, DC.

2066 AD - Sieg and Son has manufacturing plants in London, Nagasaki, Buenos Aires, and the lunar Schickard-Wargentin Frontier.

2071 AD - The Sieg family sells all its shares back into the company.

2079 AD - Events of Happy Birthday, David.

2089 AD - Doctors Elizabeth Shaw and Charles Holloway discover a star map in a Scottish cave, dating back to 35,000 years.

2089 AD - Peter Weyland dictates a letter reminiscing about his mentor Eldon Tyrell and their competition in the field of artificial intelligence. He is later reported to have died in a station above Mars.

2089 AD - Events of Quiet Eye.

2091 AD - Events of Prometheus Transmission.

2092 AD - Ellen Ripley is born on January 7.

2093 AD - Major occurrences in the Prometheus Expedition.

2094 AD - Catastrophic events that result in the destruction of the USCSS Prometheus' crew, except Shaw and David. Peter Weyland, a secret passenger, is among those killed.

2094 AD - Events of Alien: Covenant - The Crossing.

2103 AD - Events of Alien: Covenant - Origins and Alien: Covenant - Phobos.

2104 AD - Events of Alien: Covenant - The Last Supper.

2104 AD - Happenings from Alien: Covenant.

2104 AD - Events of Alien: Covenant - Advent.

2120 AD - The USCSS Nostromo leaves Earth.

2122 AD - Happenings from Alien.

2124 AD - Sevastopol Station is completed.

2127 AD - Michael Weyland is born.

2137 AD - Happenings from Alien: Isolation aboard the Sevastopol Space Station.

2138 AD - Happenings of Aliens: Defiance.

2140 AD - Happenings of Aliens: Resistance.

2159 AD - Happenings of Alien: Out of the Shadows.

2179 AD - Ripley is rescued from the Outer Rim.

2179 AD - Ripley is taken to Gateway Station.

2179 AD - Major events from Aliens, in Hadley's Hope.

2179 AD - Alien: River of Pain.

2179 AD - Alien: The Cold Forge.

2179 AD - Happenings from Alien³.

2194 AD - Michael Weyland dies.

2295 AD - Events of Aliens: Dead Orbit.

2379 AD - Ripley is resurrected through a cloning process as one of many Alien-Human hybrids known as the Ripley Clone.

2381 AD - Major happenings from Alien Resurrection.

2497 AD - Events of Alien: Sea of Sorrows.

*For comparison, most events in the Starship Troopers franchise are set in the 2300s AD.