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Salvaje cult

Salvaje and his followers

Alien Cultists are individuals who worship the Xenomorph.


Queen mother cult

Over the course of 10 years since the incident on Hadley's Hope, the Xenomorphs' existence have been known by the public. Several individuals started cult groups and religious institutions in support of the creatures. Some cultists even consumed drugs that were synthesized from the Queen Jelly, believing it as a way to connect with the creatures. One of the most infamous of the group was the Church of Immaculate Incubation that was founded by Salvaje. Salvaje believed that the Xenomorphs species as the "True Messiah" that would rid Earth of non-believers and the weak. With the help of a technician, Maris, Salvaje began broadcasting his message on the net to gain more recruits for his cult. Upon learning that the Bionational Corporation was storing a live Queen Xenomorph in their Lima facility, Salvaje and his organization assaulted the facility to become one with the "messiah". Salvaje and his cultists succeeded in infiltrating the facility and presented themselves as hosts for the Queen's eggs, causing the start of the Xenomorph infestation on Earth. After the infestation ended several Alien cult groups were still active on Earth, such as the Church of the Queen Mother, where Synsound recruited one of their members, Brother Ken, as a volunteer to serve as a host for a Xenomorph egg.