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The Alien Appendix series are a group of seven fan-made DVDs that include rare documentaries and footage from the Alien series that weren't included on the official Alien DVD or Blu-Ray sets. They are notoriously difficult to find links to download.

Cover Name Content
Alien Appendix 1 Alien Appendix 1: Alien Evolution Preservation

Alien Evolution was a documentary that originally aired on UK TV channel 4. When the Alien Quadrilogy box set was released it contained a bonus 9th disc which featured this documentary however it had been heavily cut. This DVD includes the uncut version. Since this was released, however, 20th Century Fox have released the uncut Alien Evolution documentary on the Alien Anthology Blu-Ray set in 2010.

Alien Appendix 2 Alien Appendix 2: Alien Virtual Workprint

Years ago a fan editor made an edit of Alien re-inserting the known Deleted scenes of Alien, this was known as ‘Alien Redux’. Years later another fan has made a revamp of this edit from scratch using all known footage available to make a reconstructed virtual workprint. This version also uses unused musical scores and has alternate opening credits.

Alien Appendix 3 Alien Appendix 3: Alien Archive

This release contains a few pieces of supplement material. The first is a Laserdisc Rip of a very rare 1981 making of documentary called 'Giger's Alien', a behind the scenes look at the making of Alien filmed by both H.R. Giger and his Assistant Mia.

Other material featured:

  • Excerpt from Ridley Scott: Eye of the Storm (1992)
  • Masters of Terror with Vincent Price (1986)
  • Shock & Awe: The Return of Alien (2003)
  • Alien: the Director’s Cut Featurette (2003)
  • Yaphet Kotto interview (2003)
  • Widescreen Alien teaser trailer and theatrical trailer (1979)
  • Alien Widescreen VHS release trailer (1992)
  • Alien: the Director’s Cut trailer (2003)
  • Alien: the Director’s Cut TV spots (2003)
Alien Appendix 4 Alien Appendix 4: Aliens Archive
  • James Cameron: A Director and His Work
  • Excerpt from VISUAL FUTURIST: The Art & Life of Syd Mead
  • Vintage preview and review from Entertainment Tonight
  • Excerpt from The Greatest Ever 80s Movies
  • Trailers and TV spots
  • Alien War features
  • Aliens: Ride at the Speed of Fright
Alien Appendix 5 Alien Appendix 5: Aliens / Alien 3 Archive


  • Electronic Press Kit: B-Roll (3:50) + Soundbites (10:55)

Alien 3:

  • TV Commercials: Alien/Aliens Triple Pack (3:27) + Pepsi (1:00)
  • The Making Of Alien 3 (Alien Legacy Edition) (22:28)
  • The Making Of Alien 3 (Facehugger Edition) (22:11)
  • Epk Featurette (6:38)
  • Epk Soundbites (11:25)
  • Epk B-Roll (5:46)
  • Entertainment Tonight: Visual Effects (2:07) + Charles Dutton Interview (1:53)
  • Mtv: Preview (2:09) + Visual Effects (1:42)
  • Siskel & Ebert: Review (3:00)
Alien Appendix 6 Alien Appendix 6: Resurrection Archive
  • TV Spots (3:47)
  • Alien Resurrection: Behind the Scenes (25:43)
  • The Making of Alien Resurrection (22:43)
  • Featurette: Behind the Scenes (3:48)
  • Entertainment Tonight: Behind the Scenes (2:02)
  • Entertainment Tonight: Los Angeles Premiere (1:00)
  • Entertainment Tonight: Weaver & Ryder Interview (1:53)
  • EX: Los Angeles Premiere (2:40)
  • E!: Los Angeles Premiere (1:48)
  • CNN: Shobiz Today (3:10)
  • Sky: Movie Show (7:55)
  • Siskel & Ebert: Review (4:00)
Alien Appendix 7 Alien Appendix 7: Alien Saga Archive


  • Official Super 8 Version
  • Channel 7: Intro
  • Fast Forward: Alien


  • VHS Previews
  • Day by Day: Sigourney Weaver Interview
  • Channel 7: Review
  • Xposure: Remaking the Alien Queen
  • Academy Awards
  • BBC: French & Saunders

Alien 3:

  • Ten: Intro
  • 60 Minutes: Sigourney Weaver Interview
  • Entertainment UK: Review
  • Today Tonight: Sigourney Weaver Interview
  • Entertainment Tonight: Premiere/Sigourney Weaver Interview
  • Spotlight: Behind the Scenes
  • Hollywood Report: Premiere