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Alien3 Movie Special was a 44-page "oversized" (12 x 8) format comics magazine published in the United Kingdom by Dark Horse International from August-September 1992, to coincide with the release of Alien3 in the UK. It served as a sister publication to Aliens magazine.

The magazine included the complete comic adaptation of the film, as well as articles, interviews and news about the production.


To mark the release of Alien3 in the UK in August 1992, Dark Horse International produced a three-issue spin-off of its British Aliens magazine that focussed exclusively on the new movie. As well as the complete comic adaptation of the film by Steven Grant, Christopher Taylor and Rick Magyar, the magazine featured numerous articles and interviews about the production, predominantly compiled, as with Aliens magazine, by Dave Hughes. Lee Brimmicombe-Wood provided a special Alien3 Technical Readout section, detailing some of the technology seen in the film,[1] and the magazine also included several competitions offering readers the chance to win Alien3 merchandise.

As a bonus, each issue also included an episode of the comic Aliens vs. Predator II, the remainder of which was published in the main Aliens magazine,[2] requiring readers to collect both to get the full story. The three issues of Alien3 Movie Special re-used Arthur Suydam's covers for the Alien3 comic adaptation and were edited by Dick Hansom.