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Alien River of Pain audible

Alien: River of Pain is a 2017 audio drama adaptation of the novel of the same name. It is directed by Dirk Maggs and stars Anna Friel, Philip Glenister, Colin Salmon and Alexander Siddig. It was published by Audible Studios and much like the previous audio drama, it was released on April 26, 2017, to coincide with Alien Day.

Publisher's Summary[]

Ellen Ripley finally returns to Earth, only to discover that LV-426 — where the crew of the Nostromo first came into contact with the deadly Xenomorphs — has been renamed Acheron.

Protected by Colonial Marines, the colonists seek to terraform the storm-swept planet against all the odds. But in the face of brutal living conditions and the daily struggles of a new world, there is humanity and hope. Anne and Russell Jorden — two colonists who are seeking a fortune that eluded them on Earth — are expecting their firstborn child.

The birth of Rebecca Jorden, known to her family as Newt, is a cause for celebration. But as the colony grows and expands, so, too, do the political struggles between a small detachment of Colonial Marines and the Weyland-Yutani scientists posted on Acheron. Willing to overlook their orders in order to serve the Company's interests, these scientists have another far more sinister agenda — to covertly capture a living Alien.

The wildcatters discover a vast, decaying spaceship. The horseshoe-shaped vessel is of particular interest to Weyland-Yutani and may be the answer to their dreams. But what Anne and Russell find onboard proves to be the stuff not of dreams but of nightmares.

Voice Cast[]

  • Anne Jorden .... Anna Friel
  • Sgt. Draper .... Philip Glenister
  • Demian Brackett .... Colin Salmon
  • Dr. Reese .... Alexander Siddig
  • Lt. Paris .... Michelle Ryan
  • Russ Jorden .... Marc Warren
  • Ripley .... Laurel Lefkow
  • Simpson .... Mac McDonald
  • The Nurse .... Alibe Parsons
  • Jernigan .... Stuart Milligan
  • Newt .... Mairead Doherty
  • Tim .... Matt Keith Rauch
  • Aaron .... Samson Maraschino
  • Luisa .... Hope Westrup
  • Dr. Komiskey .... Lorelei King
  • Dr. Mori .... Michael Roberts
  • Dr. Hidalgo .... Denica Fairman
  • Van Leuwen .... William Roberts
  • Fleet .... James Goode
  • Landers .... Ian Brooker
  • Sgt. Yousseff .... Tracy Wiles
  • Sgt. Coughlin .... Ben Crowe
  • Cpl. Pettigrew .... Karen Bartke
  • Hauer .... Dominic Hecht
  • Chenovski .... Andy Secombe
  • Sixto .... Jeremy Stockwell
  • Pvt. Crowley .... Toby Longworth
  • Brad Lydecker .... Eric Meyers
  • Khati Fuqua .... Emily Stride
  • Hansard .... William Brand
  • Carter Burke .... Tom Alexander
  • Joel .... Wayne Forester
  • Tressa .... Samantha Béart
  • Hayman .... Theo Maggs
  • Najit .... Sagar Arya
  • Stefan .... William Dufris
  • Neela .... Amber Agha
  • Bronagh .... Annette Holland
  • Otto Finch .... Barnaby Edwards
  • Curtis Finch .... Dan Starkey