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This article is about the comic prequel to the game. for the game, Alien: Isolation

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Alien: Isolation
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Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Date of publication 2014
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Alien: Isolation is a comic book created with a collaboration between Dark Horse, Sega and Creative Assembly and serves as a prequel the game of the same name. The comic consists several intertwining stories that occurred aboard the Sevastopol before Amanda Ripley's arrival. The comic was made available for free exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014.



The story begins aboard the space-station Sevastopol now completely deserted and under lockdown due to civil unrest and the Alien's presence. The station's mainframe APOLLO assigns one of the Working Joes, Chuck to investigate the civilian trespasser. Chuck asks APOLLO the assessment of the Colonial Marshals' capability to contain the civil unrest. APOLLO responded by stating that Colonial Marshal Waits have been flagged as a person of interest by a Seegson executive mandate and therefore should be watched closely. Chuck understood APOLLO's order and heads out to confront the trespasser.


The second story focuses on Waits, leader of the Sevastopol's Colonial Marshal Bureau looking at his map and placing pins on locations where the Alien claimed its victims, including most of his own men. Six hours ago, while attempting to hunt down the Alien through the station, one of Waits' men, Turner begins to question their mission, thinking that it is a "fool's errand" as they don't known anything about the Alien or know if their weapons will be effective against it. Waits responded by telling Turner if he wants to just run off. As one of Waits' men, Garcia unlocks the door, the Alien suddenly appears from the doorway and kills him. One of Waits' men, Harris tries to kill it, but was instantly killed when he was impaled by the Alien's tail. Using their firearms, Waits and Turner were able to force back the Alien and locked the door. However, the Alien climbed through the vents and killed Turner, leaving Waits as the sole survivor. Back to present time, Waits arms himself and leaves his office.

A Decent Man[]

The third story focuses on Clark, a frightened civilian who described himself to be a "good and decent man". While roaming through the Sevastopol's halls to evade the Alien, he recalled on how large megacorporations have caused several businesses, including his own to close down and his wife and kids leaving him behind, but was glad that they left the station. As Clark hears incoming footsteps from the halls, he panics and backs himself against the wall. Fearing death at the hands of the Alien, Clark attempts to take his own life with his two remaining bullets, but changed his mind at the last minute and choose to shoot whatever was coming. He realized that the one he had shot is a Colonial Marshal, he regretted for what he had done, stating that he didn't mean to kill anyone and that it was an accident. Assuming the Marshal was dead, Clark decided to take the Marshal's weapons and move forward. As Clark was about to leave, he was relieved that the Marshal was still alive after hearing the Marshal's cry for help, however the Alien suddenly appears from behind. Clark choose to leave the Marshal behind and escaped via elevator, leaving the Marshal to be killed by the Alien. Meanwhile Chuck has located the civilian trespasser who is revealed to be Clark and prepares to confront him.

A Warm Place[]

The fourth story focuses on Foster Meeks who finds himself in the Sevastopol's hospital, now abandoned and have been turned into a hive, having no idea how he got there. Experiencing memory loss and headache, Foster became nauseated, causing him to vomit. He then sees in front of him an egg-like object followed by a creature that emerged out of it. Foster ran off, encountering the Alien, Working Joes, and numerous apparitions while hearing a familiar sound along the way. Foster kept on running only to fall and ending up in a familiar place. Awakened by the alarm clock, Foster suddenly awakens and finds himself in a bedroom. A female figure appears and asks Foster if he had a bad dream, Foster told her that he had a nightmare that felt so real. Seeking comfort, Foster hugged the female figure who is revealed to be another apparition, the alarm clock then shows the word "ANESIDORA". It was revealed that the events that just occurred to Foster was just a nightmare, while in reality he is currently in a hospital bed with a facehugger latched onto his face.


As the elevator opens, Clark is confronted by Chuck who told him that he shouldn't be there and then proceeded to strangle him to death. After dealing with Clark, Chuck reported back to APOLLO, only to encounter Waits. Chuck told Waits that he shouldn't be there, only for Waits to respond by shooting Chuck, destroying the synthetic. Waits then proceeded to walk away.