Alien³ is the novelization of the eponymous film. The novel was written by Alan Dean Foster. It was published in June, 1992.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Here, even the wind screams. Abandoned hulks of machinery rust in the colorless landscape. Dark, oily seas beat against a jagged black shore. And the remnants of a reentry space vehicle crash into the rough waves.

In it sleeps Ripley, a woman who has battled the Enemy twice. It killed her whole crew the first time. The second time, it slaughtered a spaceload of death-dealing Marines. Now, on this prison planet that houses only a horde of defiant, captive men, she will have to fight the ultimate alien horror one more time.

Before it rips apart a whole world...

Differences from the filmEdit

  • As seen in the director's cut but not the theatrical release, the Alien gestates within an ox, not a dog.
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