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Story by Steven Grant
Art by
Pencil by Christopher Taylor
Ink by Rick Magyar
Color by Matt Webb
Lettering by Jim Massara
Editor Barbara Kesel
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Date of publication June-July 1992
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Alien³ was a three-issue comic book series adaptation published by Dark Horse Comics from June-July 1992. The series was written by Steven Grant, drawn by Christopher Taylor, inked by Rick Magyar, colored by Matt Webb, and lettered by Jim Massara, with cover art by painter Arthur Suydam. It was edited by Barbara Kesel. The series was based on the film of the same name.

Alien³ was published concurrently with Dark Horse's adaptation of the second Alien film, Aliens: Newt's Tale (June-July 1992), and was followed by Aliens: Renegade (Aug.-Sept. 1992) and Aliens: Horror Show (Oct.-Dec. 1992).


The story of the comics adaptation exactly followed the plot of the film Alien 3, scripted by David Giler, Walter Hill and Larry Ferguson. In it, Ellen Ripley crash lands on the prison planet of Fiorina 161 and must face an alien with the few remaining inmates on the planet.

Publisher's Summary[]

Issue #1[]

Ripley, probably the most practiced Alien-fighter in known space, finds herself up against the beast one more time in this adaptation of the most eagerly awaited film of the summer![1]

Issue #2[]

What's the only thing worse than having to face an alien? Doing it AGAIN! And now Ripley's up against them for the third time.[2]

Issue #3[]

Ripley finds that the most horrifying thing about fighting Aliens may actually be the battle within.[3]