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Alan Jude was one of the many inmates residing inside the prison on the planet Fiorina 161 who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in the first degree without a weapon.


In 2179, Ellen Ripley crash landed on Fiorina 161 after the EEV ejected her along with Corporal Hicks, Newt and Bishop from the Sulaco due to the presence of the facehugger. The facehugger eventually emerged from the wreakage of the EEV and impregnated the prison dog, Spike. A xenomorph eventually ruptured from Spike and matured to its adult form. It began a killing spree in the prison, causing mass hysteria among the prisoners. Superintendent Andrews tried to take control of the situation, but was killed by the Alien during his "rumor control".

When the prisoners banded together to trap the Alien in molten lead, Jude carried a pair of scissors to use as a weapon against the beast, when he is reprimanded by Morse for carrying them the wrong way. As more and more inmates are killed off, Jude eventually is chased towards the end of a corridor where Dillon is waiting for him. Dillon calls for Jude to run faster, but the Alien catches up quickly. Jude reaches Dillon, but the alien headbites him while he is running, and his body goes flying across the room.